Why Thailand

Software Development from the Heart of Thailand

Bangkok, Thailand is quickly becoming Asia’s software development hub and it’s predicted to surpass all of the big names in the next few years. Although countries like India have been the “go-to source” for software development for many years, the shift to Thailand is becoming increasingly apparent for the reasons listed below

Quality of Code

It’s not difficult to understand why so many companies are in search of a better option when it comes to software development. India’s pricing may be more affordable, but, in many ways, the product delivered is not what you would expect. According to studies, 95% of the software engineers are underqualified and the quality of the software development will, most likely, be questionable.

Quality of Life

As a customer, you understand how important it is for you to visit your development team to meet the people that will be working on your project. Thailand is very rich in culture and amenities, making it Asia’s number one destination for tourists. Bangkok’s modern railway system makes traveling about town easy. With thousands of food choices, along with its exciting nightlife, going to Bangkok for work is almost like a stress-free mini vacation.

Quality of Developers

It’s no secret thousands of developers from all over the world are making their way to Thailand. With its pristine beaches, exciting nightlife, and high quality of life, Thailand is experiencing a technology boom like never before. The best developers from all over the world, such as Germany, Ukraine, India, Australia, America, United Kingdom, and so many others, are making Thailand their new home.