With everything that was going on at the time in the news, the riots in Ferguson, I was very thankful that I had the camera on, and I’ve heard from everyone who saw the video that what we had to do was the right thing. It’s [the WOLFCOM 3RD EYE] a great tool, you can see the way it really was in real time. Officer Steve Wilson

South Euclid Police Department, OH

I did a lot of research and approached a lot of vendors to compare police body cameras. We wanted something that was inconspicuous, and we liked that the WOLFCOM 3RD EYE police body camera also doubled as the microphone that hooked up to your radio. Our police officers picked it up pretty quickly. It’s simple to use. We were very impressed with the quality of the picture and sound that the camera produces. We recently showed them to police officers in other departments and they’re impressed with them too. They liked all the things we liked; its use as a microphone, the clarity of the picture and sound, and most of all, the price.

Chief Ray Otero

La Jolla Tribal Police Department, CA

The video left no room for doubt as to what happened. Words cannot express how valuable it is as a tool. That changed my whole thinking on the cameras. Now I have one with me all the time because you never know when you’re going to need it. A body camera is an invaluable tool and every officer should have one to protect themselves.

Sgt. Rick Friedl

South Euclid Police Department, OH

After reviewing several different police body cameras, we decided that WOLFCOM had the best quality police body cameras for the most reasonable price. The WOLFCOM 3RD EYE is awesome, it does everything you need and it even has a radio mic in it. The VISIONS are great during the day but don’t have the same night vision capabilities. I wish I had ordered more 3RD EYES.

Chief Greg Fugitt

Louisa Police Department, KY

It’s definitely a good thing for us. It’s nice and easy to use and turn on. In situations where your adrenaline is flowing, and you get tunnel vision, there’s a lot of things you may not remember and having that video to review helps complete the investigation and increases your report accuracy. It’s definitely a benefit for daily police work.

Police Officer Jared Warner

Spanish Fork Police Department, NM

We conducted an assessment of various cameras. We had some demo cameras sent to us and compared capability and price. Based on those two criteria, WOLFCOM blew away all the competitor’s cameras. Our officers like the various functions including the fact that the cameras can be used day and night and do not need ambient light. The infrared is way ahead of several competitors. When we compared the demo cameras, we realized other brands did not have all the capabilities of the WOLFCOM.

Lt. Bill Russell

Azle Police Department, TX

I saw police body cameras as having value for what we do. We researched four of the top police body cameras on the market and came up with WOLFCOM as the body camera that fit our departments needs best. I liked the wide-angle view and clear pictures that the camera produces. The video is very clear, and the audio is good. It’s also easy to download into our system. We’ve also had great customer service, we had a few that needed to be repaired and they were serviced and returned right away. Our officers really like them and there’s been no resistance to using them. We like that the VISION camera, when you turn it on it vibrates to let you know it’s working and recording. Also, the night vision on the 3RD EYE works well, we like that feature,

Chief Vern Thompson

Eagle Point Police Department, OR

I talked to other departments about the cameras they used and got quotes from different companies. Basically, what it came down to was that the WOLFCOM body cameras give you more bang for your buck. Aside from the price, the size and ease of use were factors that made the WOLFCOM VISION cameras stick out. Also, the rotating camera lens that allows our officers to configure and adjust the camera to their body types and the video quality is excellent,

Sgt. Nick Jordan

Dumas Police Department, TX

With the other cameras, we had difficulty figuring out how to use them. Sometimes the officers would think they were turned off and they weren’t. You don’t have to read a manual to figure out how to use the WOLFCOM VISION. You can basically pick it up and start recording right away. It was easy to get the software and cameras set up and running. It’s small and durable because of that aluminum casing. I already dropped mine and it works fine, no damage. I also liked that you can rotate the lens up and down so the officers can adjust it based on their height. It picks up good audio and there’s easy to understand software. I also like that no one can access the camera without the software so it’s secure out of the box. We had our guys try to access the camera on their computers without the software and it won’t work, so it’s good that they’re secure. Our patrol officers like that the body cameras are light weight and easy to operate. The video is perfect, even with the still pictures, the quality is very good and the storage data capacity is great,

Lt. Todd Christian

Dickson Police Department, TN

We did a lot of research, talked to neighboring departments, studied police body cameras on the internet and talked with different body camera manufacturers. In addition to the cost and durability of the VISION body camera, we found WOLFCOM really easy to deal with and very competitive. The combination of versatility, ease of use and durability puts the VISION in a class by itself. The swivel lens makes it really easy to use as a combination car camera and body camera, which saves our department about five thousand dollars per car from having to put in dash cams. The cost of the cameras is reasonable. Also, the availability of the online training videos is a huge plus. Our officers can just go online anytime and learn how to use the features by watching the training videos, much better than just sending a user’s manual

Chief Victor Mangiacapra

Corrales Police Department, NM

The main feature we liked is the body cameras’ portability. It can be clipped on your shirt, epaulette, belt, almost anywhere on your uniform and the lens can swivel and you can even clip it to your visor to make it a car camera. We’ve been using them for about a week and we’re enjoying them. They take good video and audio and they also take good still pictures, our officers appreciate that feature. You can take pictures with them on the spot without having to run back to your car and get a digital camera. The HD video quality is great, just as good as GO PRO. I’ve used mine already on a few domestic calls, vehicle stops and even a narcotics investigation where I needed it to affirm what happened. Body cameras are almost a must in today’s world and these VISIONS work great,

Assistant Chief Wesley Clymer

Pawnee Police Department, OK